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Enable ChatGPT in your Slack, understands thread history, can read images & even chat with PDFs. Bring your own OpenAI key: no credit system!

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Hey, it's Rohan & Royal 👋

We're mad about productivity️, and we're here to help you boost yours.

In the last 3 years, we've built 3 startups and finally Spur was the one which finally made money.

Slack has been our primary tool for communication, and we're active paid users of slack apps like Dailybot. It has completely wiped out the time we used to waste in standup meetings.

We believe its more powerful to use AI as a team, without leaving your Slack. And what better way than to use it in your daily communication tool itself? Pero was initially built for our internal use, then we added useful things like thread history context, image & PDF reading, and finally decided to make it public.

You can follow mine and Royal's journey on X.

Use Cases

See how is pero helps in various day to day tasks:

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You get access to the Pero Slack app and all future updates. We are constantly adding new features and improvements.

What’s included

  • Thread Context
  • Custom Channel Instructions
  • Chat with PDF
  • Slack Connect Support
  • Tag @Pero anywhere in slack
  • Regular updates!

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to me on twitter team or via email

We're in the process of getting Pero approved by Slack. It's a long process and we're working on it. You can still use Pero in the meantime. Pero is safe and secure. We don't store any of your messages. We use Slack's API to send messages and that's it.